What happened to the newsrooms of yore?

We’ve either heard of the old newsrooms – or we’ve lived it. I’m the former but would have loved to see the old environment. The typewriters, the carbon paper, the pay-phones, the messy job of sub-editing, the inky-smoky smell … I know one thing’s not changed though, and that’s the love of a good yarn. … Continue reading

Uh oh, news blooper!

Forgive me if this is old…but I was shocked! What did he do wrong here, kids? And this one just makes me lagh. And sometimes, even the best of us just lose it too.

Some of my tv reporting work

While I was at uni I really enjoyed doing tv reporting. I’ve had a go at print, maybe broadcast could be the next thing for me! Here’s some of my work. I’d love to get back into it. Have a look at my tv work here.

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