A fun way of expressing NYC diversity

What song are you listening to? Me, Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. In my opinion the only version worth listening to. But that’s just me. Advertisements


Dear dwellers of the northern hemisphere…just quietly…how do you do it? Being from Queensland, every time winter rolls around, I find myself perplexed about what to wear, what to do? Just quietly, anything below 25° has my teeth chattering and my skin turning blue! I couldn’t even handle Dunedin in the middle of summer. Give … Continue reading

New York – a photo collage

Yes, friends, this is my number one holiday destination. It’s the romance of the place, the diversity, the history, and also the hope. Do you think I’d get culture shock, going from a city of 1.76 million to visit a city numbering around 8.2 million? If you, like myself, love beautiful photographs and New York … Continue reading

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