Three good’uns

    (in my opinion, the Easybeats are a little more fun than the Beatles) Advertisements

The tune I’ve been spinning all weekend


Just Read – America The Edible: A Hungry History, From Sea To Dining Sea

Attention fellow epicures. You do not know food is done until it’s been Man v. Food done. This has now become the food book I judge others by. I’ve just finished reading the delectable Adam Richman’s America The Edible: A Hungry History, From Sea To Dining Sea. Where do I begin? I can summarise it … Continue reading

A fun way of expressing NYC diversity

What song are you listening to? Me, Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. In my opinion the only version worth listening to. But that’s just me.

Feel Better, Little Buddy

I love picture books. So when this one arrived for me ALL the way from America, I was pretty stoked. It’s called Feel Better Little Buddy by Julia Segal and is about animals with casts. Need I say more? It’s pretty similar to the ubiquitous Blue Day Book. You’ll find malevolent cats, confused dogs, dopey … Continue reading

Another song to break your heart

This one is actually the recipient of “Best Song In The World” status, as bestowed by me. I dare you not to feel something. Especially after hearing what Bono has to say. Hearing this live will be one of the defining experiences in my life. To hear someone hit those high notes so effortlessly, so … Continue reading

A Song To Break Your Heart

Inspired by my current readings and a reminder about them. I’m currently wading through How To Make Gravy by Paul Kelly, a “mongrel memoir” from one of my most beloved artists. This song – it’s about life, change, love, birth, death. It has it all. And I feel simultaneously heartsick and hopeful when I hear … Continue reading

Australia polarised by Angry Boys?

“#AngryBoys premiere smashed it with 5,700+ Tweets in 30 minutes.” (TweeVee TV) Chris Lilley’s long-anticipated series Angry Boys premiered on ABC1 last night. And to a mixed response and mostly through the web. Today talkback radio switchboards lit up with both angry callers and those in awe of the series, ready to have a natter … Continue reading


This “modern Australian classic” is winking at me from the bookcase all the while I write this. Have you read Cloudstreet? You really must. To read a book and have it grab you by the shoulders and pull you in? That’s what Cloudstreet‘s like. To feel the menace of the Nedlands monster. To suffer the … Continue reading

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