The Vanity List – tools of the trade

Inspired by Stuff That I Bought, I’ve compiled a nice wishlist of my favourite tools of the trade. Now I’m not really one for gadgetry so what I’ve got here is the definitive list. And why not?

A lovely new voice recorder. Old faithful to the right (Sony IC) is good but I have just a few problems with it now. I’ve lost the backing so now the batteries fall out. Inconvenient. I can’t plug it directly into the computer with a USB connection – I have to use a firewire cord. Very old-school and not in a fun, retro way either. And I think this one is prettier and more user-friendly. It also appeals to my vanity.
The MacBook Pro, 13-inch. Not too big, not too small. Lightweight and aluminium. Once again my vanity wins out. But its features and prime operating system are also a big plus for me. I’d also like the Adobe Creative Suite (5) installed on it. Just love the amazing array of programs to edit photos, videos and create pages with.
Kikki-K business card holder. Now I just don’t treat my business card collection right. With this I would. Probably.




A “lifetime” pen. Now, I think it’s fun to own something people know you by. Whether it’s perfume, jewellery, or in this case – a special pen. If I had something like this, I’d never have to use another $5 pack of disposable ballpoints. Writing with a beautiful, quality pen is sheer luxury for people who write a lot by hand. I have a nice Parker pen right now, but I think this one would be a solid investment. I’m sure Holly had one just like this!


To keep all those appointments safe. The Hermes Agenda. And the notebook too. Once again, handwriting is so lovely. And you feel more inclined to use it if it’s aesthetically appealing. If I can avoid using technology as much as I can, that’s good.


Finally. This is something I’ve always wanted.


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