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What happened to the newsrooms of yore?

We’ve either heard of the old newsrooms – or we’ve lived it. I’m the former but would have loved to see the old environment. The typewriters, the carbon paper, the pay-phones, the messy job of sub-editing, the inky-smoky smell … I know one thing’s not changed though, and that’s the love of a good yarn. … Continue reading


Where do you come from? For me, the answer to that is a beautiful place on top of a big hill, way above Brisbane. 2 hours from Brisbane, in fact. Out west. It’s a big town but has managed to retain a country feel, true right down to its roots. Back generations and generations ago, … Continue reading

Another song to break your heart

This one is actually the recipient of “Best Song In The World” status, as bestowed by me. I dare you not to feel something. Especially after hearing what Bono has to say. Hearing this live will be one of the defining experiences in my life. To hear someone hit those high notes so effortlessly, so … Continue reading


Dear dwellers of the northern hemisphere…just quietly…how do you do it? Being from Queensland, every time winter rolls around, I find myself perplexed about what to wear, what to do? Just quietly, anything below 25° has my teeth chattering and my skin turning blue! I couldn’t even handle Dunedin in the middle of summer. Give … Continue reading

A Song To Break Your Heart

Inspired by my current readings and a reminder about them. I’m currently wading through How To Make Gravy by Paul Kelly, a “mongrel memoir” from one of my most beloved artists. This song – it’s about life, change, love, birth, death. It has it all. And I feel simultaneously heartsick and hopeful when I hear … Continue reading


And we’re walkin’ for a good cause!

Today was a beautiful day at Cleveland for the RSPCA Million Paws Walk. I’d love to know how many dogs participated nationwide … because there was certainly a HUGE turnout at Cleveland! Sophie the Shih Tzu was exceptionally “dogged” and well-behaved in the 3k walk from park to point. Susie the Cocker Spaniel, not so … Continue reading

Happy Weekend and the Million Paws Walk

Hello friends and a very happy weekend to you. This weekend I have one very important thing to do and it’s happening on Sunday morning – the RSPCA Million Paws Walk. It starts around the country at 9am or 10am (depending where you are) and will be a fun morning out for you and Fluffy/Bluey/Rex/Roger/Patch/Rover/Muffin/whatever … Continue reading

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